Improve the mobility of your business with zero emissions vehicles.


We adapt to your needs and to the new model of city

With the exponential growth of e-commerce and the internet,

keeping up to date can be tricky. Thanks

to Invicta Electric it will be a bit easier for your company.

Vehicles Available

Food delivery

Ideal vehicles for the delivery of food at home,

Some eco transportation is the only ingredient missing!

The concept of the city is being redefined towards sustainability and the comfort of citizens, that is why our vehicles are 100% electric: the option with the least restrictions in municipalities.

The world of correspondence is evolving, Invicta Electric vehicles adapt to your business model offering security and progress.


El mundo de la correspondencia está evolucionando, los vehículos de Invicta Electric se adaptan a tu modelo de negocio ofreciendo seguridad y progreso.

Town councils and facilities

Vehicles Available

Open box, closed box or isothermal, but always a step forward in your

Invicta Electric prescribes functionality and comfort: Multimedia screen with Mirror-link, sunroof or air conditioning are some of the features that your next vehicle may have. What are you waiting for to discover all of them?

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