DEM model

The DEM model stands for Digitisation, Electrification and Mobility. The Invicta Electric brand spirit:

Digitisation of all management and sales processes:

It allows great cost savings in a set of services that integrates absolutely all the needs of a dealer. It optimises the sales and stock management processes (NV and UV), eliminates the use of paper and facilitates mobility services. In addition, it allows the customer to "enter and exit" the digital sales process at any time, taking advantage of a total integration of the CRM with the seller's website. All this with the sole objective of being able to offer the end consumer all the alternatives, and achieve loyalty by covering all their mobility needs, both current and future, with Invicta Electric.


Invicta Electric's proposal includes both the electrification of the concessionaire (with dedicated load columns or through the implementation of photovoltaic systems, which complete the “green” energy panorama of the Invicta Electric program), as well as satisfying the needs of each client with the installation of a charging point, advice and contracting with the energy supplier.

Mobility Formulas

Subscar: at a time when absolute flexibility is required, Subscar allows its users to enjoy the use of a vehicle through an all-inclusive monthly subscription, as in the popular video on demand (VOD) platforms and with the possibility to change cars once a month. This formula allows the dealer to offer another service with which to attract new customers while obtaining performance from its immobilised fleet..