What warranty does my Invicta Electric have?

If it is a scooter, bicycle, moped, motorcycle or the Eidola model with acid batteries, 2 years without limit of kms.
Our commercial vehicles have a 3-year warranty or 100,000 kms and 5 years on batteries.
Our passenger vehicles or cars have a 5-year guarantee or 100,000 kms.

Do all the Invicta Electric vehicles have automatic transmission?


What autonomy does an electric vehicle have?

Electric vehicles have different autonomies, depending on the charging capacity of the batteries. In all our models the maximum autonomy is indicated in their specifications.
Keep in mind that 90% of Spaniards do not make trips over 50kms. All our Invicta Electric vehicles are valid for these trips.

Do my driving, speed and the topography where I live have an influence?

This autonomy can be considerably reduced due to a more aggressive driving style, average speed and the use of different elements that the car equips. You also have to
take into account the orography, since slopes also reduce autonomy, as you need to develop more power to travel the same kilometres.

Does weather have an influence?

The answer is yes. Both extreme heat, with the use of air conditioning and cold, with the use of heating, make the batteries consume more energy with the result of a reduction in their autonomy.

How long does it take to recharge an electric car?

Between 3 and 8 hours (including our entire range of products) on average is what it takes for an electric vehicle to fully charge in a conventional Schuko-type socket.
For vehicles that support semi-fast charging (our D2S, Metro and Orca) with a specific connector, the times would be cut in half.
For vehicles that support fast charging it would be 30 minutes.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

Depending on the rate applied. For example, charging it a night at € 0.03 per kw / h, the charge for a bicycle would cost from € 0.09, a moped from € 0.15, a motorcycle € 0.18. A car and a commercial vehicle would start from € 0.24.
If we charge it during the daytime, the amount will be multiplied by 4, since the price rises to € 0.12 per Kw / h.
If we use an external private charger, the price will be twice the daytime charge price, since the rates are around € 0.24 per kWh.

Can I know the autonomy at all times?

Yes, you can know the autonomy of your vehicle at any time, it is displayed on the vehicle dashboard

Where can I charge my vehicle?

You can charge your electric vehicle at home, but it is also possible to charge it at electric stations or public car parks.

What driving license is required for each vehicle?

Driving licence A1.
In order to obtain it, the interested party must meet the following requirements: Be at least 15 years old. Pass a psychophysical or psychotechnical test in an authorised medical examination center. You can drive all our mopeds, Opai, DTR, MB5 …… limited to 45km /h and our vehicles Eidola and Tazzari without any licence.
Driving license A1
This licence allows you to drive motorcycles and scooters up to 125 cc. The minimum age to obtain this permit is 16 years old. In this case, the motorcycle will be at most 125c.c. of displacement and less than 15 h.p. of power, like our Alex and T10 mopeds.
Driving license A2
This permit was implemented in 2010 by the DGT to have an intermediate step between the A1 and A permit. To acquire this card, you must be over 18 years of age and you can drive a vehicle with a maximum power of 35 kW.
Driving license A
With the A permit, you can drive any type of electric motorcycle with no displacement limitation. Of course, it is the most complete licence, so you won’t be limited in the future when it comes to buying and driving the electric motorcycle you want.
Driving license B
Any electric car and motorcycles allowed with the A1 card, granted after three years of driving.

How do I install a charging point in my single family home or in my community garage?

Installing a charging point in a single-family home is the simplest way of all and the one that requires the least investment. In fact, it is very likely that the garage already has a conventional socket where, without any type of installation, the car can already be recharged. Additionally, we may want to add a wall charging point to the installation (also known as a wallbox)
Things change when we talk about community garages. Here, the process is not so simple, although not as complicated as many believe.
The first thing to do is inform the community that we are going to install a charging point. Reporting is enough, since thanks to the Horizontal
Property Law, the installation does not have to be submitted to the approval of a board of owners, but it is enough to notify the administrators in writing.
Our electric company, Vita Energy, will take care of everything.

Can the battery be charged, even if it is not completely discharged?

Yes, without any problem. In fact, our recommendation is never to discharge the battery more than 80%, since never going below 20% stretches the life of the batteries. Likewise, if a fast charge is carried out, never exceed 80%.

Where can I see the charging points in my city?

One of the most complete charging point finders is Electromaps, because it offers information from nearly every corner of the planet. If you discover new charging points you can even add them manually by clicking on Add charging point.

What power should I hire to charge my Invicta?

Depending on the Invicta Electric you have, we recommend the normal Schuko plug for our entire range.
For our D2s passenger cars and Metro and Orca commercial cars, semi-fast charging is also possible, but we also recommend normal charging, as it lengthens the life of the batteries.

Are batteries included in the warranty period?

Yes, of course, all our batteries are included in the warranty, except for the traditional elements of wear and tear.

What is the life cycle of the batteries?

Between 600 and 1000 charge cycles for scooters, bicycles and motorcycles and 3000 charge cycles for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
With these cycles in cars you can drive up to 200,000kms

Do I have to pass the ITV (MOT)? How often?

lectric vehicles must pass the ITV in the same terms as those for combustion. In the case of passenger cars, the calendar is as follows:

  • the first ITV is passed four years from the date of registration
  • then, every two years until the vehicle turns 10
  • from that moment on the review will be annual.

In which models can I join the MOVES plan?

  • ORCA
  • D2S 17KW
  • D2S 17KW L7
  • D2S 27KW

Can I request the MOVES plan if I have financed my purchase?

Yes, the MOVES Plan can be requested whether you finance or pay in cash.

Can I combine the MOVES plan with another grant?

Yes, it is compatible with the municipal aid that your City Council grants.

How can I apply for MOVES help in my community?

Applications for aid are presented in the corresponding autonomous community and are made electronically with an application form. These are handled in strict order  of presentation until the funds provided are finished.
The applicant must be of legal age and have owned a car with more than 7 years old for over a year, a fact that will be verified through the road tax.
Our point of sale will help you manage it

Do I have free parking in the blue zone?

It depends on the town where you live, in most Spanish town councils, it is exempt of paying for the blue zone.

Do I have a subsidy in the city council road tax?

Although electric vehicles are not mechanical traction vehicles, they must also pay this fee. However, each municipality offers bonuses that can reach up to 75 percent

If I buy a bike-motorcycle or a scooter, do I have to have insurance?

No need to have insurance.

If I buy a bike-motorcycle or a scooter, do I have to have a driving licence?

It is not necessary to have a driver’s licence.

Why does Invicta Electric require less maintenance?

The main reason is this: Electric motors contain little more than a dozen moving parts, while a conventional combustion engine usually has hundreds of them. It’s very simple: the fewer parts, the less they can get damaged.
Also, even if a part of an electric motor breaks down, it is relatively easy to replace it.
Besides, there are fewer fluids to change or refill regularly, such as motor or transmission oil that is needed in combustion engines. And thanks to the regenerative braking, the components of the braking system of electric vehicles tend to last longer than those of conventional vehicles, as their wear intervals are longer.

Do I have to do any maintenance to my Invicta Electric?

Minimal maintenance. Maximum savings
Although electric vehicles have fewer maintenance issues, it is necessary to schedule an annual overhaul for your electric vehicle for minor maintenance of its electrical systems, which may include the battery, electric motor and associated electronic components.

What is a kWh and what is a kW?

  • 1 kilowatt hour (kWh) is a measure of the amount of electrical energyequivalent to consuming 1,000 watts of power constantly for 1 hour. You can read more details about the definition here. To be clearer, we can create an image in our mind: if we leave 10 light bulbs of 100W of power on for an hour, we will have consumed 1,000 Wh…
  • 1 kW is a measure of potencia de energía electrical energy power equivalent to 1.36 horse power (HP). You can read more details about the definitionhere. Continuing with the creation of images in our mind, a 100 kW electric motor has, therefore, 136 hp.

Is it true that city centres will be closed to combustion vehicles in 2023?

Yes, all cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants

It is true that combustion cars will not be sold after 2040?

It is true. According to the climate change law, it will be prohibited in January 2040.