Invicta Electric D2S

Italian Design "Electtrificata"

Elegant, sophisticated and sporty. With a high quality finish.Surprise yourself with the comfort and space that it offers, dare with Invicta Motor D2S. Feel the revolution of the new urban transport, 100% electric, with the greatest style!....¡Il futuro è arrivato!

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Invicta Electric D2S

Ecodrive: Economic and Ecological

Our Invicta Electric D2S is one of the most affordable vehicles to drive in the city and the suburbs. It uses ultra-modern, super light batteries, which, together with a lightweight vehicle and a sophisticated engine, make it possible to drive up to 250km on a single charge. The batteries have a long service life and a 5-year warranty.

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*The autonomy can change in base of different factors like occupants weight and weight, external temperature, wind speed, driving costum, kind of route(urban, way, slope...)

Invicta Electric D2S

Personalisation, exclusivity and comfort

Its small size allows you to move and park with maximum agility in the midst of urban "chaos", but at the same time, immersed in the comfort and convenience of its large interior space and its surprising trunk. Enjoy all the standard extras such as: GPS, camera, infotainment system and much more.

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Invicta D2S: Electric urban luxury for the people

With your D2S, you can always feel unique, take advantage of the purest essence of urban mobility, with all the advantages of an agile, functional and modern car, as well as the best technology in a car with a lot of style and design ... and always 100% electric!

Do not miss it! Step into green luxury with the Invicta Electric D2S.

17 Kw of Power Reaches 80 Km / h in the 17 Kw version
Multimedia screen Connect your mobile phone through Mirrorlink, enjoy your music through Bluetooth technology or don't miss your favourite radio program!
Unlimited Reach the unknown thanks to the 150km of autonomy of the 17Kw version
Sports interior Enjoy the ride with the high-quality sports interior. Nappa leather seats, air conditioning ...Enjoy the ride with the high-quality sports interior. Nappa leather seats, air conditioning ...