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Invicta Electric Eidola Pickup/Van


Introducing the perfect big city commercial vehicle: Invicta Electric Pickup and Invicta Electric Van. Open or closed box? Your choice. Enjoy other extras as well such as: GPS navigator, camera and radar for reversing, hifi speakers, remote control ... In short, the most complete equipment for your everyday electric commercial vehicle.

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Invicta Electric Eidola Pickup/Van

An intelligent design

The design of the Invicta Eidola Van and Pickup never goes unnoticed. Tour the urban area without impediments in downtown areas, protocols or prohibited days. Join now smart mobility and the easiest and most ecological way to make your deliveries attracting curiosity wherever you go.

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*The autonomy can change in base of different factors like occupants weight and weight, external temperature, wind speed, driving costum, kind of route(urban, way, slope...)

Invicta Electric Eidola Pickup/Van

Recharge anywhere

Charge your Invicta Eidola Pickup or Van at any outlet without installing complex electrical systems. Can you imagine traveling up to 150km? Well, thanks to Invicta Eidola technology, it is possible with any domestic plug socket.

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The great little vehicle. Perfect for moving around big cities

Can you imagine being able to access any street with total ease and with no added cost? This is what you will get with the new range of Invicta Eidola Pickup and Van. 100% super compact electric vehicles with large storage area and load capacity. What are you waiting for? Make the electric mobility revolution part of your business!

A technological interior multimedia screen with Mirrorlink to connect your smartphone and deliver orders on time. Air conditioning, rear view camera ... all included, at no added cost.
Closed box or Pickup: You choose how to carry your merchandise. Invicta Eidola adjusts to your needs. Van or Pickup?
A compact vehicle with great load capacity. What are you waiting for to access any corner of the city without sacrificing merchandise space?
Unique exterior design LED headlights, daytime running lights, sunroof… Seriously, a commercial vehicle with all these extras?