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Invicta Electric Eidola

Move when and how you want

Invicta Eidola is the most practical car to have at home. It satisfies any type of need, from the adolescent fifteen-year-old without a licence who goes to school or training, to the adult who makes his way to get to work.

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Invicta Electric Eidola


Economical and safe, travel with total independence on urban routes. Park it with maximum ease and savings thanks to special parking rates! Travel with the comfort of air conditioning and the peace of mind of not getting wet when it rains.

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*The autonomy can change in base of different factors like occupants weight and weight, external temperature, wind speed, driving costum, kind of route(urban, way, slope...)

Invicta Electric Eidola


Save energy and protect the environment without emitting harmful gases, one of the biggest pollution problems today. Eidola has the zero emissions label, which allows you to enter and park within cities.

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Be independent and connect with your Eidola

The Invicta Electric Eidola is the ideal vehicle for the modern youngster. You can interact with your Eidola through its practical infotainment system. Travel independently and safely! Practical, affordable, safe and fun.

Multimedia screen: You can connect your smartphone via Mirrorlink or Bluetooth
Air Conditioning: Invicta Eidola is the only micro car brand that has air conditioning
State-of-the-art lighting Headlights feature LED technology, daytime running lights and fog lights
Rear view camera: Thanks to the rear view camera, you can park without any failure, to the millimetre.