Invicta Electric Epica

An epic Driving Experience

Invicta Epica meets all the features that a big city user wants for eco-friendly mobility at a low cost thanks to the manoeuvrability and comfort provided by its compact size. Move with zero emissions, without traffic restrictions!

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Invicta Electric Epica


Traveling with Invicta Epica will seem comfortable, efficient and affordable. It is the smart solution for those looking for mobility with privacy without harming the environment at the price of a metro or bus ticket. Invicta Epic is a vehicle made for big cities.

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*The autonomy can change in base of different factors like occupants weight and weight, external temperature, wind speed, driving costum, kind of route(urban, way, slope...)

Invicta Electric Epica

You will know no limits

Forget about refuelling, polluting, paying to park, not being able to access your favourite part of the city center, sharing transportation with strangers ... Be independent, ecological, efficient and accessible.

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Conquer the city in style

Invicta Epic challenges the city with its performance and futuristic design. Rediscover urban mobility with 120km of autonomy and a maximum speed of 80Km / h. Enjoy freedom and move without restrictions electrically without emitting harmful gases in your city.

Power: Invicta Epica hides inside 8500W that allow it to have great acceleration for any type of overtaking or emergency manoeuvre.
Speed ​​and space: Are you still moving in an electric car but too slowly? Switch to two-seater mobility, powerful and efficient. Travel the city at up to 80km / h.
Autonomy and recharging time: 120Km of freedom that only stops when you want so. Take advantage of its great autonomy to charge the vehicle during your rest periods. Only 6 hours to fully charge the vehicle in any domestic outlet, without complications.
Technological interior and infotainment without limits: rear view cameras, mirrorlink to enjoy all the apps on your smartphone, Bluetooth ... The most complete infotainment system for you to make your Invicta Epic your living room.